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Acne can often cause severe embarrassment due to the undulated appearance of the skin as well as the scars the acne leaves. Though acne usually affects teenagers it can also affect adults at different stages in their lives. Acne also is in most cases is not limited to affecting only the facial areas. Acne can even affect the chest, back and neck of individuals. Often the acne occurring on other parts of the body leaves dark colored patches of scars which can cause severe embarrassment especially if the marks are in parts of the body which are visible to the public.

What is Acne?

what is acne
Acne is nothing but the disorder of the pilosebaceous unit or the hair follicle of the skin. Most experts opine that acne is most commonly occurring skin disorder and affects almost 90 percent of teenaged population. Acne can affect teens of any race or ethnicity. The skin condition of acne is generally characterized by the presence of big and small pimples along with whiteheads and blackheads. On the face acne generally occurs in the ‘T’ zone or the area near the nose where there is maximum oiliness in the skin.

In case the individual suffers from excessive oily skin then the skin condition of acne can be quite widespread affecting even the neck, shoulders, upper arms, back and chest of the individual. The acne on the face can be quite painful especially if the pimple ‘pop’ while the individual is sleeping. Such inadvertent ‘popping’ can leave scars on the face of the individual.

Types of Acne:

The symptoms of acne depend on the type of acne affecting the person. Acne is usually of two types:

non-inflamed acne and inflamed acne. The non-inflamed acne is only characterized by bumps on the skin causing the skin to appear rough and uneven. The individual does not experience any excessive swelling or redness of the skin. However the individual does experience blackheads as well as whiteheads in the areas where the acne occurs.

The inflamed acne is the worst form of acne which can leave deep scars on the skin of the individual. Inflamed acne usually occurs along with severe swelling of the pimples along with redness. The inflamed acne also has whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and papules. The inflamed acne is also characterized by oozing, crusting and scabbing in the affected areas.


Scars of face Treatment


The best scars of face treatments include using pads soaked in benzoyl peroxide to dab the affected areas. The benzoyl peroxide helps dry out the acne and also prevent scarring from the acne. Other face acne treatments include using salicylic acid to wash the affected areas before applying any other medication. Also using lotions and creams which contain at least 2 percent of glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid and lactic acid helps reduce the acne.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is one of the best treatments for face acne. The tea tree oil is natural and also helps in controlling the oiliness in the skin which helps prevent future acne. Tea tree oil also helps to dry out the acne and prevent scarring from  acne. The tea tree oil also keep the skin hydrated and supple and makes the skin appear youthful and smooth.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is a popular essential oil and also among the best treatments for face acne. Lavender oil helps control the inflammation of the pimples and then dries out the pimples. Lavender oil also helps control the oiliness of the skin and thus helps prevent future acne. The lavender oil also increases the blood circulation to the affected areas and thus helps cleanse the area of the skin toxins which cause the acne. Lavender oil can also be used on acne which has ‘popped’ to soothe the wounded skin and prevent scars from the acne.

Witch Hazel:

Witch hazel is among the most popular natural treatments for back acne. Witch hazel not only helps get rid of acne but also acts as an astringent and tones the skin of the affected areas which prevents accumulation of dirt and grime which cause acne. White hazel also helps prevent scars from back acne.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is probably the most widely used back acne treatment. Aloe Vera has many beneficial properties including antiseptic properties. Hence application of Aloe Vera helps reduce the inflammation and redness of the acne and also helps in preventing the acne from spreading. Aloe Vera also helps in soothing the affected areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

The natural apple cider vinegar can be bought at any convenience store. This product is an excellent back acne treatment. The natural apple cider vinegar helps in controlling the inflammation of the pimples and also reduces the redness of the acne. At the same time the natural apple cider vinegar also acts as an antiseptic to prevent further outbreak of acne. Various dilutions of the natural apple cider vinegar can be used in case the application of the product causes a burning or itching sensation.

Scars are almost an inevitable part of acne. Hence many experts advise against ‘popping’ the acne which can deepen the scars. However with back acne the ‘popping’ is almost inadvertent hence treatment for back acne scars is essential in order to prevent living a life filled with embarrassment.

Lemon Juice:

Using fresh lime juice on the affected areas is extremely effective to treat back acne scars. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent however is much gentler than the chemical bleaches. The lemon juice must however be applied only after thoroughly washing the area. The lemon juice can be applied with a cotton pad and left on the affected areas for at least 10 minutes till such time it has dried up on the skin.

Tomato Pulp:

Tomato pulp is one of the best back acne treatments and it also helps in getting rid of the back acne scars. Simply cutting the tomato in half and rubbing it on the skin will help prevent scarring from back acne. However the tomato pulp or tomato juice must be left on the skin for at least 15 minutes. The tomato pulp or tomato juice is effective for back acne but might be too acidic for the facial application.

Sandalwood Paste:

The sandalwood paste is extremely effective to soothe the areas affected by acne and also to get rid of back acne scars. Sandalwood powder can be bought at any convenience and mixed with plain water or rose water into a thick paste to apply on the acne.

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