Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks don’t cause physical harm to our health, but they can be things that hurt or self-image. Many women (and quite a few men) feel embarrassed by the sight of these scars on their bodies and are keen to have them removed.

These days there are some good options for this, and effective treatment should now be within the budget range of almost anyone. As well as the expensive surgical options there are products that are just as effective and a lot cheaper.


Revitol stretch mark cream is a much praised treatment option for people dealing with stretch marks as a result of pregnancy or other causes. This Revitol review will attempt to go beyond just the praise and see how effective this product actually is. We will be judging it on a number of criteria; the most important been its results and how it compares with other products.


Revitol Review: What is This Product?

Revitol takes advantage of some of the most popular natural ingredients that people have used to treat stretch marks. It combines these in a unique way that means that it is a lot more effective than other natural remedies. The real strength of this product is that it uses 100% natural ingredients that have a proven record of success with dealing with stretch marks. Here are just some of the ingredients that you will find inside Revitol:

Aloe Vera extract. People have been using this substance for centuries and it has proved very successful for treating skin conditions. It is probably most well known for its ability to help with sun burn, but it is also good for helping with stretch marks as well. Aloe Vera extract moisturizes and soothes the skin and it also contains properties that help the skin heal.

Squalene Oil. This substance is extracted from olive oil and has been shown to mimic naturally occurring skin oils. It is used to protect the skin and assist in the recovery from any damage. Using squalene oil has been shown to reduce the appearance of skin scars like stretch marks.Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E. These nutrients are vital for healthy skin and they body needs an ample supply of them to be able to heal skin problems like stretch marks.

Grapefruit seed extract. This works by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. It is the loss of these two chemicals that causes the skin to weaken and become susceptible to stretch marks.

Above are just some of the things you will find inside this product. When it comes to the ingredients that have been shown to help treat this type of scaring it would be fair to say that Revitol stretch mark cream ticks all the boxes.

How Does Revitol Compare to Other Forms of Treatment?

Revitol is popular with good reason; it works. It also is a much cheaper option than the different forms of surgery that are available to treat the condition. We may like to admire all that modern technology has to offer us, but it is often easy to forget that much of this is based on things we learnt thousands of years ago – Rivitol is an example of this. This cream takes advantage of all that we have discovered in regards to stretch mark treatment over the years and combines this into a formula that has proved very effective. There is a lot of praise for Rivitol provided by those who have used this cream and it does seem that it is well deserved.



3 Easy Methods to Hide Your Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are not just a female problem; they can happen to both sexes as a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy, and overweight men who go on a diet may later find that they are left with stretch marks. Pregnant women are extremely lucky if the escape stretch marks altogether because most women find that when their skin is stretched during pregnancy, more often than not it doesn’t return to pre-baby elasticity. How to hide stretch marks, therefore, is a question that many people face.

Anyone who is troubled by the thin, linear scars that are stretch marks wants to know whether there are treatments that will hide or remove them. Generally speaking once you have stretch marks, it is a rare occurrence for them to completely disappear. There are a number of ways that you can hide stretch marks, some of them with more permanent effects than others.

1)Using Fake Tan to Hide Stretch Marks

Many women try fake tan to hide their stretch marks when they want to sunbathe in a bikini. Whether fake tan will work for you will depend on how deep the scarring is and what type of discoloration you may have experienced.

Many women have tiny, white, post pregnancy scars and may use some fake tan to achieve a more even skin colour on their stomach. If you already have a tan in the summer then you can use the fake tan sparingly just to hide the areas marked by stretch marks.

2)Using Foundation to Hide Stretch Marks

If you use a foundation that contains collagen, then this may be used to hide your stretch marks to some extent, and may even improve the elasticity of your skin a little.

Use a foundation tone that is closest to your natural skin colour, remembering that the skin on the stomach is often a couple of shades lighter than the skin on your face. You will need to buy a foundation in a slightly darker colour than the one you normally if you want to disguise the thin white lines of stretch marks.


3)Using Tattoos to Hide Stretch Marks

Having the stomach tattooed by an experienced tattoo artist to hide stretch marks is becoming increasingly popular. If you are wondering how to hide stretch marks then you might want to think about having those marks tattooed over. You should wait a year before you have your stretch marks hidden by tattoos, as the ink will take better on old scars.

Tattooing to hide stretch marks is a slow process and can take up to three times as long as it takes a tattoo artist to normally complete a tattoo. Choose a small area of skin and have that tattooed to start with as this will give you an idea of the appearance and help you to decide whether further tattooing is for you.

Using tattoos to hide stretch marks can be uncomfortable to say the least. Stretch marks mean that the epidermis is damaged because your skin has thinned. If you are not keen on unnecessary pain then you may want to think twice about having tattoos to hide your stretch marks.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

It should come as no real surprise that there are plenty of home remedies for stretch marks. After all, this is something that we have been dealing with since we lived in caves so people are sure to have come up with many solutions over the centuries. Some of these are more effective than others and many of today’s treatments are actually based on these. Here are just a few of the home remedies for stretch marks that people have turned to over the years.

Cocoa butter. It would be impossible to say when humans first began using this to treat stretch marks, but it remains popular because it is quite good.

Cocoa cream has been used to treat many other skin conditions as well as stretch marks. This substance not only moisturizes the skin but it also contains some antioxidants.

Vitamin C is important for healthy skin and is an important ingredient in many home remedies for stretch marks.Vitamin D is another nutrient important for the skin.

Vitamin E is also vital if you want your skin to be healthy and able to deal with things like stretch marks.

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries in the treatment of all types of skin conditions. This is something that is widely used for the treatment of sunburn, but it also works well with skin problems like stretch marks as well.

Glycolic acid comes from fruit and is often used in small doses as part of home remedies for stretch marks. This acid has the potential to be dangerous in large doses, so it should only be used by experts.

Shea butter is also said to help the skin stay moist and to help with the avoidance of stretch marks.

Retinyl Palmitate is a type of acid that is said to encourage skin growth.

Home remedies have been very useful over the centuries for helping people deal with these body scars. These days we are lucky enough to have new creams that can be up to ten times as effective as these traditional methods. One of the most talked about creams on the market is Trilastin; thousands of people around the world have already had great results with this product. This is great news because it means avoiding the expense of surgery to remove these scars.


How to change your diet to get rid of stretch marks

Our body consists of 60-80 % of water, and it is vital to drink enough of water everyday. If you drink about 2 liters of water daily, your skin will be smooth and soft. When skin is moisturized, stretch marks are not likely to come out. Dermatologists assert that coffee is very harmful for your organism and skin. Coffee has ingredients that induce the development of stretch marks on the body.

Vitamins and Other Supplements

It is crucial to eat food rich in zinc and vitamins A, C, E. Try to eat more food that is high in zinc. Zinc-rich food is oysters, honey, bananas, apples, lemon, raspberry, onion, nuts, green tea, raisins, and legumes.Vitamin A sources are: dried apricots, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, liver, tuna, milk, mozzarella cheese, margarine and yoghurt.

Remember, that 25 000 IU of vitamin A is a limit for pregnant woman.

Vitamin C rich foods: papaya, kiwi, strawberries, guava, leeches, nectarines, orange, grapefruit and Clementine. Vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C are: tomatoes, spring greens, peppers, curly kale, Brussels sprouts and green cabbage.

Vitamin E foods include: wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, olives, almonds, hazelnuts, blueberries, avocado, eggs and mango.

If your daily diet is healthy, it will make your skin elastic and keep it in shape. In addition to the diet, use stretch marks creams and lotions, all them together will give an amazing result.


Stretch Mark Surgery Methods

The most common type of surgery that is used to treat stretch marks is laser surgery. There are a number of different versions of this and they work in a number of different ways. We will examine the most common here.

Pulse Dye Laser Therapy (PDLT) – this type of laser surgery works by stimulating the growth of collagen as well as elastin; you need  both of these elements in order to have healthy skin. It is recommended that you use this treatment for new stretch marks; it doesn’t work so well for older scars.

Excimer Laser- this is recommended for older stretch marks. It doesn’t rely on encouraging elastin and collagen production but instead it focuses on production of melatonin. This treatment should cause the skin to lighten; thus making the stretch marks appear less noticeable.

Fractional Photothermolysis –is similar to PDLT but it involves using a pulse laser; this makes it far less damaging to the surrounding tissue.

Microdermabrasion is another type of stretch mark removal surgery but this one does not involve using lasers. Instead is uses a special device that fires crystals at the skin. The purpose of this is to use abrasion to make the stretch marks fade; sort of like the way sanding paper works on wood. Mircodermabrasion removes the top layer of skin and is said to encourage new growth afterwards.

How Does Surgery For Stretch Marks Compare With Other Options

Stretch mark surgery has had some success at removing stretch marks or at least making them appear less noticeable. It is not a cheap option though, and will be prohibitively expensive for a lot of people. These days there is also a growing number of people who would view it as a waste of money; especially considering the fact that there are cheaper options available that are just as effective.

In recent decades or respect for surgery has really grown and many of us now view it as the panacea for all our problems. Unfortunately this attitude might not only be making things more difficult that it needs to be but we are also paying financially as well.


Stretch Marks During Pregnancy - How to Avoid and Remove Them

stretch marks after pregnancy belly example


It is very common for those women who have gone through pregnancy to be left with blemishes on their skin afterwards. Stretch marks during pregnancy are not dangerous but they are something that many women would like to have removed once they have given birth. Stretch marks can really affect a person’s body image and sense of confidence.

How Stretch Marks During Pregnancy Affect Body Image

People are different and so some will be less bothered by these skin blemishes than others. This scaring is usually covered by clothing so it is easy to forget that it’s there. We get used to how our body looks and for some people they will only really notice them when other people mention it. Other women though are a lot more sensitive about these marks on the skin and it can really negatively impact their life.

Stretch marks during pregnancy can make some women feel embarrassed about their bodies for years to come. They may feel shy about wearing things like bikinis and some can even feel too shy to allow partners to see them naked. These stretch marks can become something that influences how they dress, and how they view themselves. These women will be very keen for anything that will help them get rid of these marks.

The Causes of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy are caused by a number of different factors. The most obvious one is of course the stretching of the skin as the baby develops inside the woman’s tummy. The other cause is the hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women which weaken the skin. Stretch marks most often occur in those areas of the body where fat is accumulated. This means that the abdominal area, the bottom, and the breasts are a common place to find them. Stretch marks are like scars on the skin and they will often be there for the rest of a woman’s life. Some women seem to get them a lot worse than others; while some are very lucky and get away without any noticeable blemishes to the skin.

Dealing with Stretch Marks

There are a number of options when it comes to dealing with pregnancy stretch marks. Laser treatment has shown good results in the past and there are different ways of doing this depending on the age of the stretch marks. This is not the cheapest option, but many people do still choose this method. Another option is to have tiny crystals erode the stretch mark; this can have good results on older stretch marks but again it is quite expensive to have the procedure.

Stretch Marks on Breasts - How to Get Rid of Them ?

Stretch marks on breasts are an issue for many women. Many learn to live with this blemish but others find that it makes them feel uncomfortable about their bodies. This scaring is harmless in many ways but it can negatively impact a person’s body image.

stretch marks on breasts

The breasts are a part of the body that are of particular importance to a woman’s sense of self, and having these marks there is something most would rather do without. Luckily there are some good options when it comes to treating such stretch marks.

What Causes Stretch Marks on Breasts?

Stretch marks on breasts are caused by a number of factors but the most common is overstretching of the skin. This is not the only factor though and hormonal changes are also a common cause of the problem. When women are pregnant the stretch stretches and hormone changes in their body can mean that the skin is less able to deal with this stretching. These scars tend to most often appear on those parts of the body where there are deposits of fat; this is why you get stretch marks on breasts.

The Effects of These Stretch Marks on Body Image

These stretch marks on breasts can be very damaging to some women’s sense of body image. They can begin to feel a bit embarrassed about their body and this can even begin to affect their behavior. Some women claim to find it hard to be naked around other people, and it can even impact their sex life – the stretch marks make them feel less sexy. They might also no longer want to wear certain types of clothing; anything that could allow people to catch a glimpse of these marks. It can even make them less confident about wearing bikinis or going swimming.

Options for Dealing with Stretch Marks on Breasts

Many women find life less enjoyable because of stretch marks and look how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts. There are a few options for how to get rid of them, and it should be possible to remove all stretch marks no matter how old they are. Some medical and surgical treatments can be quite expensive but luckily there are also cheaper options which are just as effective.

Many women choose laser treatments. There are a number of different versions of this depending on the type of laser that is used; different lasers or used for older or newer stretch marks. This treatment can work well, but it is a bit on the pricey side. Another intervention involves firing tiny crystals at the skin. This uses abrasion to remove the offending blemish.

Coolbeam Procedure For Stretch Marks

Coolbeam procedure for stretch marks is one of the new options for people who are dealing with this problem. These scars on the skin have been a problem since the dawn of humanity, but in recent years we have really had an explosion in the new ways we can deal with the problem. Some of these like Coolbeam procedure for stretch marks are quite high tech, while you can also find some very low tech natural solutions. Over the last few decades most of us have grown accustomed to surgery whenever we have a problem with our bodies; this is why things like the Coolbeam procedure are quite popular. It is common for us to think that the best solution must be the one that involves the most modern surgical technology.

What is the Coolbeam Procedure for Stretch Marks?

The Coolbeam procedure for stretch marks is one of the many types of laser surgery.

These have proved quite successful in the past. Each of the different laser surgery options have pros and cons and tend to be best for one type of stretch mark; for example old or new.

The Coolbeam procedure is different than the other types of laser treatment because the skin is cooled first of all. Light pulses are fired at the skin and this causes old tissue to vaporize. The physician using this device can be very precise and this is one advantage it has over other laser treatments. The treatment does involve a bit of discomfort and people will likely experience pain and swelling afterwards.

In order to have the Coolbeam procedure for stretch marks you will first need to have a consultation where the surgeon decides on what needs to be done. The cost of this will be at least a few thousand dollars; sometimes it will be a lot more than this depending on the extent of your stretch marks.

Is The Coolbeam Procedure for Stretch Marks a Good Option?

There is no doubting the fact that people have gotten good results from the Coolbeam procedure; at the very least it should make your stretch marks less noticeable. If you have the money to spend then the exorbitant cost probably won’t bother you so much. If you are interested in the procedure, there is a good clinic called EPIONE. Professionals who work there can help you get rid of stretch marks forever.

Celebrities With Stretch Mark

Given that somewhere between 75% and 90% of women will suffer from stretch marks at some point in their lives, even the most polished and well groomed of celebrities are not immune to them. Stretch marks are most common after periods of rapid weight gain, typically during pregnancy. Paparazzi and newspapers love pictures of celebrities looking less than perfect, whereas women reading the papers like to see the pictures because they identify with the women and their issues with stretch marks.Celebrities With Stretch Mark Photos

Some celebrities who have been photographed with their stretch marks on show include Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Cindy Crawford. All of these women are different in terms of body shape but the one thing they all have in common is that they are mothers and their stretch marks were caused by pregnancy. If you’re as gorgeous as Cindy Crawford or Britney Spears, it is more likely that you’ll have the confidence to shrug off the problem with stretch marks and be content in your own skin.

Most women do not have supermodel good looks and feel that their post-pregnancy stretch marks are far more of an issue that greatly affects their confidence and body image. Celebrities struggle with stretch marks in the same way as all other women do, and the methods that they use to help the marks fade more quickly are just as relevant for women living more ordinary lives.

What about Moisturizer?

One of the main ways of helping to get rid of stretch marks is moisturizing. There is a huge range of products on the market which will help increase the moisture levels and hydration levels in the skin, ranging from budget products which can be bought at any supermarket, to very expensive products which have a premium image and are only available through very specialist outlets or department stores.

There is no proof that the more expensive products work any better than the cheaper ones, and any type of moisturizing is better than none at all. Particularly effective are products which contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which work to help the skin renew itself more quickly and repair damage, making stretch marks fade more quickly. Moisturizing will not make the stretch marks disappear completely, but will help them fade from a red or pink color to a paler tone which looks more like scar tissue.

The Surgical Route

Celebrities tend to have plenty of money at their disposal and many opt for laser treatment to treat the marks when they are still at the red stage as the laser heals the scars more quickly and helps to fade them. The other surgical option is a tummy tuck to remove any of the loose skin left over from pregnancy and remove the stretch marks at the same time. The procedure is very effective but is major surgery and not undertaken lightly. A skilled surgeon will endure that the scarring from the procedure is very minimal and not obvious when wearing ordinary clothing.

Causes and Prevention of Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

stretch marks from bodybuilding example

Bodybuilding is both a popular pastime and competitive sport, with literally millions of people around the world participating in some capacity either as part of their general fitness routine or in an effort to literally become as muscular as possible. The goal for many is to build muscle mass as quickly as possible, with many enthusiasts and professionals combining weight training with supplements and dietary modifications to ensure they achieve the best results sooner rather than later.

Stretch marks are noted as the main downside to building muscle quickly. For some bodybuilders, they are a sign of progress as anyone who truly is building muscle quickly enough to acquire them is truly committed. However, the sport places a lot of emphasis on appearance, and for many bodybuilders they are simply not acceptable.

Medically, they are pretty much unavoidable. Regardless of an individual’s age, rapid growth in any respect, from working out to overeating, will result in a situation where the growth levels exceed the speed at which the skin can compensate. Therefore, stretch marks are almost inevitable.Stretch  marks in bodybuilders are most commonly found in areas of rapid growth, such as the arms and legs. They are also prominent wherever the bodybuilder allocates most of their routine.

Some, for example, work primarily on the arms and upper body. In this case, they are most likely to find stretch marks on the back of the arms and around the shoulder joint. Conversely, a leg-based program can often induce stretch marks on the back of the thighs and near the buttocks. They are, unfortunately, part and parcel of rapid growth in any context. However, they can be managed or even prevented in many cases and it is often easier to do so for a bodybuilder as many methods already fit into the style of diet and supplement changes.

Preventing Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

The best way to prevent the acquisition of stretch marks as part of working out is to ensure that both the diet and any supplements ensure that the body is receiving sufficient vitamin E and C resources. These specifically help the skin to repair itself and give the individual a greater chance of any potential tears being replaced by healthy skin rather than scars.

Fortunately for bodybuilders, their general activity supplements often incorporate vitamins as a matter of course, automatically placing them in a position where their defenses against stretch marks are better than average.

However, it is generally accepted that a bodybuilder who sticks to his or her routine will develop some stretch marks, regardless of any precautions taken. For many, a few here and there will not be an issue although competitive enthusiasts and those who base their success on their appearance will be more likely to require some form of treatment or maintenance.

Treating Stretch Marks on Bodybuilders

Regardless of supplements, many body builders will still find that there is simply not enough vitamin E in their diet to thoroughly combat the onset of stretch marks. In these cases, it is commonly accepted that a vitamin E-based lotion applied to the affected area can do wonders for reducing the aesthetic impact. The lotion works by effectively accelerating the healing, causing the scar tissue to disappear faster and be replaced by healthy skin cells. Again, bodybuilders have a somewhat fortuitous source of such treatments, as their tanning lotions can often be adapted to include vitamin supplements.

Tanning itself is another popular remedy. Many bodybuilders are characterized by their dark, bronze tans, many of which are artificial. As would be expected, a good spray tan will cover both normal skin and stretch marks alike, ensuring a smooth, even finish. While the stretch mark is still there, it simply cannot be seen, which is enough for many people.

Male Stretch Marks - Causes and Treatment

Although stretch marks are most commonly associated with women and rapid weight gain due to pregnancy or adolescence, it is not just women who get stretch marks. Male stretch marks are also very common, although the reasons for them forming and the locations of the marks are often different than in women. Stretch marks are caused by the middle layer of skin becoming thinned to the point of breaking. Over time, the marks fade from their initial red or dark pink color to a paler shade. Stretch marks are normal and harmless, but many people find them unsightly and would prefer to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

What Causes Male Stretch Marks?

Whereas in women the main cause of stretch marks is the rapid weight gain associated with pregnancy, this is obviously not the case with men. Any rapid weight gain though can be enough to cause stretch marks, and if a man is piling on the pounds stretch marks may well become a problem.

Men who grow very quickly through their adolescence may also find that they develop stretch marks, even though their weight is well under control. Men who take up weight training or body building and rapidly develop muscle bulk may find that this increase in muscle bulk will cause stretch marks too. The problem is exacerbated in men who use steroids to bulk up quicker or who have hormonal imbalances causing them to gain weight rapidly.

Where Stretch Marks Form

Abdomen male stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain and on other areas where fat is deposited such as the buttocks or the thighs. If the stretch marks are due to muscle bulk, they will form around the areas where the muscles have grown most, typically across the shoulders, chest and upper arms. Men who have stretch marks forming in these places may find that they are harder to cover up than stretch marks around the abdomen and feel very self-conscious about them. There are however several things that can be done to help smooth the skin and lessen the appearance of the stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Treatments

Keeping skin hydrated and moisturized is one of the best ways of stopping stretch marks from appearing in the first place or reducing their severity once they have formed.

Keeping moisture levels in skin at a good level will help the skin’s own natural repair methods start to work and help change the marks from the red, obvious marks into paler ones.

There are several creams and oils on the market which claim to reduce the appearance of the marks and to get good results from them it is important to use them at least twice a day. Massage of the skin will help too.

For severe cases of stretch marks, laser treatment may be appropriate and will help speed the process of the marks fading.Laser treatment is expensive though and will not be able to make the marks vanish completely.

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